Lemon Oil

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Lemons have such a bright and uplifting color and aroma. The essential oil is often used for cooking, cleaning, skincare, and hair care (Young Living). It is a key ingredient in Young Living’s Thieves Oil blend, among other popular Young Living oil blends, and had become a favorite of many for aromatic diffusing.

The antibacterial properties and lovely, citrus smell make it a great addition to your household cleaners. Live Renewed’s essential oils enthusiast and writer, Emily McClements, discusses in her article “Green Cleaning with Lemon Essential Oil” the wide variety of cleaning uses for the oil. Lemon oil is not only a good, natural replacement for cleaners with harsh chemicals, but according to McClements, it is also great for everything from a “Goo-Be-Gone alternative” to “Carpet Cleaner” to “Spot and Stain Remover” for the laundry.

Lemon Oil is also good for the skin and hair. With an added carrier oil (such as coconut, almond, or avocado oil) it can be added as an astringent to your skincare routine. Although lemon essential oil does not contain citric acid (Tisserand Institute), the oil can still “cause photo-sensitivity”, according to Young Living. This shouldn’t discourage its use, however, as it is a great skincare product. If you intend to use it as a skincare product, simply remember your sunscreen as well!

Another benefit of lemon oil is that it can help to reduce anxiety and stress. A study by “Brain Research” indicated that the exposure to lemon oil reduces an anxiety-inducing stress hormone called corticosterone (Cathy Wong). It is also thought to have pain-relieving properties. Weight loss is another health benefit of using lemon in your cooking and beverages. Lemon has long-term weight loss affects because it helps to stimulate certain hormones in the body that “signal ‘fullness’” (Staughton).

Many people use lemon to freshen up the room by burning lemon candles, using lemon scented air fresheners and cleaners, or even putting lemon peel down the disposal. But next time you need a refreshing, invigorating, and energizing air freshener consider diffusing lemon oil. The anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties of the oil make it an affective air freshener and cleanser.

There are many benefits to using lemon essential oil, and even more than discussed in this article. Lemon oil has been used for years by some and is a new discovery for others. Whether you’re new to the use of essential oils or an “old-time”, the benefits are just as affective and the oil just as refreshing. So bring out your lemon oil and get to carpet cleaning, cooking, hygiene boosting, laundry freshening, or simply diffusing!



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